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Record profits

With a business strategy based on selling technically advanced, market leading high value products, the works achieves a record level of profitability in the year ending March. Average weekly output of the No.6 hot dip galvanizing line is 7,800 tonnes and of the two organic coating lines, 6,000 tonnes. The construction sector now accounts for 95 per cent of the total output with the on-site Panels and Profiles and Colorsteels businesses taking 70,000 tonnes. The UK share of sales is 55 per cent, with northern Europe currently the main overseas market. The works is the largest user of paint in the UK, with an outlay of nearly £40 million on 14 million litres. The colour database includes 300 shades of white and 70 shades of black. Of the 700 Tata employees on site, 450 are in the Colors business. Enhancement of the No.1 Colorcoat line is completed in preparation for the launch of the next generation of Prisma ® and hybrid pre-finished products for the construction industry. A three layer organic coated product, believed to be a “first” for the European coil coating industry, is successfully produced in a single pass through the paint coating line during trials in July. The new product provides buildings that last longer and look impressive and initial customer feedback following the launch of the new product in September is described as “excellent.