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The works now extends over 250 acres of reclaimed marshland, with 750 acres still available for development. There are nearly 6,000 employees and more than 8,000 tons of steel sheets a week are being delivered by road and sea. The internal rail system has 45 miles of track.

Dutch experts in land reclamation arrive at the works to advise and work on the creation of a 280 acre site for the new “heavy end” plant work on which is scheduled to start next year. Six million tons of sand is pumped from the nearby estuary to raise the level of the development area by 15 feet

Electro galvanising starts

With Summers starting to develop new metallic and plastic coated products, a sheet line for the production of Zintec electro-zinc plated strip is transferred from the Wolverhampton Corrugated Ironworks at Ellesmere Port to Shotton. Unlike the spangled finish of hot dip galvanised material, Zintec has a smooth matt surface ideal for forming and painting. The zinc coating does not peel, flake or crack.