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Works remains profitable

Since 2010, approx. £10 million has been invested in the Tata Colors operation at Shotton, mainly to enhance galvanising and Colorcoat products.

Colorsteels operation moves to Shotton

Some £4 million has been spent on a new line to manufacture Coretinium, strip steel skinned with a honeycomb plastic centre, for use in façade and rainscreen panels. The development is part of the Tata Building Systems business within the works and is located in 5 Bay of the former Cold Strip Mill, where once coil annealing furnaces operated. As from spring 2014, the remainder of the bay will house equipment for slitting, cutting to length and roll forming of the finished coated product, transferred from the Colorsteels operation in South Wales. (Source: memo Gareth A.Jones, Manager, Site Development Projects, Shotton 11th October 2013).

The works ended 2012-13 in profit and well ahead of its current year plan. Higher product demand results in a return to 18-shift operation on the No.5 hot dip galv. line and the two organic coating lines.

Tata announces that Shotton is to play a larger role within the UK operations as a multi-disciplinary “sustainable site” with the relocation of Colorsteels, the UK’s leading centre for pre-finished steels. Colorsteels is part of Tata Steel Distribution, UK and Ireland, and has accredited distributor status for Colorcoat ® products.

Tafarnaubach to close

The organic coating works at Tafarnaubach is to close in December resulting in the transfer to Shotton of about 25,000 tonnes of business annually, mainly for the domestic appliance and manufactured goods sector. The Colors’ site in Turkey will be equipped to produce laminated and co-laminated products, previously produced at Tafarnaubach. Together with Maubeuge in France, this will enable the company to fully serve the Domestic Appliance and Manufactured Goods market.

Work commences in October on the demolition of the two post-war wings of the General Office building. The original Head Office building featuring the clock tower is to remain. (Source: E.mail, G.A.Jones, Shotton Development Engineering October 2013).