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Electro galvanising ends

The UK’s only remaining wide strip electro galvanising line, the No. 3 line in Shotton’s coatings three complex, is closed down in September. This follows a continuing decline in demand for the product, significant over-capacity within Europe, declining selling prices and increasing dependence by Corus on exports.

Since 2000, as customers notably in the automotive sector, have switched to hot dip galv., the UK market for electro galv. strip has fallen by 33 per cent and the European Union market, by 22 per cent. Capacity across Europe is 6m.tonnes compared with current demand of 4m.tonnes. The cost of continuing to run the No.3 line has been a substantial drain on the business. The line closure involves the loss of 95 jobs.

Shotton’s core activity is now the production of hot dip galvanised and paint coated strip for the construction industry in the UK and overseas.

The prestigious People Development Prize of the Wales Quality Centre is awarded to Shotton in December for outstanding commitment to the education, development and welfare of employees.

Corus UK reports an operating loss of £393m. for the last financial year