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Record levels of output of coated products

For the third successive year, deliveries by the Coated Products works reach record levels. In the year ending 31st March, deliveries of prime metallic and organic coated products totalled l,275,000 tonnes of which 40 per cent. was exported. Shotton delivered 1,023,000 tonnes compared with 880.000 tonnes in 1993/94 and 845,000 tonnes the previous year. Shotton also delivered 42,300 tonnes of uncoated cold reduced material and together with non-prime sales, delivered in total 1,119,000 tonnes of material, another record. The product by product breakdown for Shotton was .- Hot dip galv. 374,000 tonnes; electro galv. 388,000 tonnes; Colorcoat ® 260,000 tonnes. The other Coated Products works’ figures were.- Bryngwyn 108,000 tonnes;Tafarnaubach 56,000 tonnes( Colorcoat and Stelvetite); Cookley 21,000 tonnes; Coated Metals 59,000 tonnes.