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Heavy end closure completed

Coke production ceases in February, marking the complete closure of the “heavy end.” Demolition of the first of the 12 180 ft. high chimneys of the closed melting shop has started. Redundant machinery is leaving the works every week for melting down at BSC’s Sheffield works. Demolition work is providing employment for 250 people including many BSC employees.

Agreement is reached in March on the works’ 1981 Survival Plan under which a further 926 employees are to be made redundant.

Shotton becomes the operational headquarters for BSC Strip Products Group’s Coated Products, an organisation for a group of works specialising in the application of metallic and paint finishes to steel strip. The other works are Byngwyn (Swansea), Newton Aycliffe (County Durham) and Tafarnaubach (Tredegar).