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Record outputs

As the industry awaits positive signs of an end to the deep recession of the late 1970s and 1980, production units in the cold strip mill and coatings departments at Shotton achieve record output levels while work is on-going to extend the range of coated products. Improvements are made to surface quality and strip shape or flatness and the range of thickness of both steel and metallic and paint coatings are extended while retaining the traditional properties of strength, ductility and long life. The aim is to increase the works’ share of the market both immediately and in the long term.

By the time the last remnant of the open hearth steel plant, a 180 ft. high furnace chimney, is demolished on 15th November, the demand for the works products is on the increase and the outlook is brighter. Productivity measured by the number of man hours taken to produce a tonne of finished steel improves from eight to 12 in 1981/82 and a new target of five is set.

Demolition of all the redundant heavy end plant is completed in September 1982.