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Reprieve for Shotton’s “heavy end

In May BSC removes any proposal or date for the termination of iron and steel making at Shotton. With trading prospects looking brighter, it is decided that the decision to close Shotton’s heavy end will not be reviewed during the period of the Corporation’s current five-year plan(1977-82) and the open hearth furnaces will be brought up to and kept in prime condition. Visitors to Shotton Works include the Leader of the House of Commons, the Rt.Hon Michael Foot, and the Secretary of State for Wales, John Morris together with Whitehall’s top civil servant.

Sir Richard Summers dies

BSC announces a loss of £95million for 1976/77

With the new No.2 Coatings Complex nearing completion, Shotton is chosen by BSC to pilot a national “Yes” campaign to meet customers’ quality and on-time delivery expectations. Large hoardings highlighting departmental production and quality performance figures are erected across the works.