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Cold rolling introduced

A Sendzimir “Z” cluster rolling mill is installed in the Marsh Department at Hawarden Bridge. Designed by a Polish inventor, Tadeusz Sendzimir and manufactured in Germany, it is the UK’s first cold reduction rolling mill. It is viewed as one more stage towards the perfection of steel sheet.

The process involves the welding together of six 36 in. long hot rolled sheets up to 40 inches wide for feeding through a pair of work rolls surrounded by a circular set of back up rolls. Weekly output is up to 6,000 tons. The cold rolled material is side trimmed and sheared to length on a separate finishing unit and finally annealed in a furnace to remove the hardening effect of the rolling process.

Richard Summers, the younger son of Harry Summers, becomes managing director of John Summers and Sons Limited. He has been a director of the company since 1931 when he was 28.